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The Squeeze and the Spread

BLOUNT COUNTY, TN — It’s another example of absurdity in an overcomplicated healthcare market. Blount County sought help from a Wall Street firm to save its failing insurance fund. The plan worked — but now mom-and-pop pharmacies are losing hundreds of dollars every time they fill a prescription for a public employee. Some have gone bankrupt. Tags: Investigative, Rural healthcare, Finance


Live in your car? California law can be harsh

LOS ANGELES — An obscure towing violation is used in some neighborhoods to punish its homeless people, critics say. An analysis of parking citation data shows what kinds of neighborhoods. Tags: Data, Homelessness, California politics


Sheriff favors contractor who pays him personally

BLOUNT COUNTY, TN — In the running for what might be the county’s most lucrative contract, the sheriff’s department has already signaled a winner. City Tele-Coin’s president donated thousands to the sheriff’s re-election campaign, and gave his college-age daughter a high-ranking job she had no previous experience in. Tags: Investigative, Watchdog Journalism


Tariffs carry Blount impact

BLOUNT COUNTY, TN — One of the biggest employers in Blount County says they are “deeply worried” about President Trump’s promise of a trade war with China. The Japanese company’s recent multi-billion dollar investment in the area could be at risk. Tags: Business, Daily Deadline.


Families on the border fear end of open enrollment

LIBERTY HILL, TX — A school district change to its enrollment policy could devastate property values for hundreds of homes. Tags: Feature, Education


Recovery from opioid addiction is possible

BLOUNT COUNTY, TN — The opioid epidemic’s death toll is staggering, and many in its grip feel there is no escape. But recovery is possible. Tags: Feature, Opioid Crisis


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